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    HSE Manual Development

    The company Health & Safety Manual is the backbone of an organizations HSE success. Identifying employer commitment, and positional responsibilities, it is imperative companies utilize the appropriate consultants to build and maintain these programs.


    100% Safety Inc. will tailor these programs to a company’s organizational needs, developing user-friendly content that employees want to use.


    We all have to start somewhere. Safety can be challenging as it is ever changing. We offer mentoring for new HSE personnel, or those who want help in particular subjects. With one-on-one coaching sessions we are able to help organizations gain access to Safety Professionals to help their current staff without the cost of a full-time consultant.

    Gap Analysis


    Occupational Health & Safety legislation is not static. It is ever changing to meet industry needs and technological advances. For employers, this means changing programs.
    Not sure if current programs meet current legislation? We can help put together a detailed gap analysis to ensure legislative compliance with effective solutions for gap closure.

    Client Specific

    Just land a big contract with a new client that has site-specific requirements? A gap analysis against your clients program can assist in developing specific programs for this client to ensure contractual obligations are met and employees have a thorough understanding of these requirements prior to project contract start.

    Online Reporting Management

    Have clients that require online reporting, but don’t have the time to maintain these on your own? Let us take care of these reporting requirements for you.

    • ISNET
    • Avetta
    • ComplyWorks
    • CanQual

    On-Site Services

    Have a project that requires on-site safety support? With many health and safety contacts in different industries, we can help you staff projects with the right fit for the job.

    Incident Investigations

    Incidents can cost companies thousands of dollars, recouping costs from losses can take months, depending on organization profit margins. Completing in-depth investigations to determine root causes is imperative to implementing quantifiable corrective actions that can truly help prevent incident recurrence. With hundreds of investigations completed using multiple root cause analysis techniques, we help companies turn tragedy into strategy.


    Audit Prep

    Have an external audit coming up? Want to make sure your programs are aligned with ever-changing legislation and audit guidelines? We can help review documentation and programs to ensure success for your next audit

    External SECOR audits

    Have a small company (under 10 employees) and need an annual audit done? We are certified through the AASP (Alberta Association of Safety Partnerships) to perform external SECOR audits.

    WCB Claims Management

    Navigating provincial WCB can be overwhelming. We work with top of the line WCB consultants who can help your company take care of their workers and seek out any cost savings related to WCB Premiums.

    Internal Training Programs

    Did you know that legislation does not require all training to be done through an external third party? Many external training programs offer a “one-size fits all” approach, that doesn’t work for all employers. We can help develop and implement internal training solutions specific to your organizations needs to ensure employee engagement and understanding in these specific processes.

    Transportation Compliance

    Changing transportation regulations can make managing transportation programs difficult. We are experienced in, and ever monitoring, current transportation legislation, both provincially and federally.


    If your company needs assistance developing or maintaining transportation programs, or is getting ready for an external transportation audit, we can help.